Our seminar meetings take place (unless otherwise stated) on Mondays at 11:00 am
09.10   Maciej Piejko: “How to entangle a protein?”
11.10   Guest lecture: Eleanor Campbell from University of Cambridge
15.10   Silvio Osella: “Rational Design of Bio-Organic Systems for Biomimetic Applications”
22.10   Paweł Dąbrowski-Tumański: “𝜃-curves in proteins – On the verge of proteins’ topological complexity”
29.10   Magdalena Jawiczuk: “Ruthenium-based metathesis catalyst with cationic carbenes; a DFT study”
05.11   Anna Marczyk: “Modelling of ruthenium catalysts using DFT method”
12.11   —
19.11   Agata Perlińska: “S-adenosylmethionine Conformations in Solution and in Protein Complexes”
26.11   Bartosz Greń (15 min): “Shape of polymeric loops”
26.11   Angelika Janaszkiewicz (15 min): “Trans-cis isomerization of olefin metathesis catalyst”
03.12   Aleksandra Jarmolińska: “Multiple Sequence Alignment reimagined”
10.12   Alicja Kowalska: “Graphene, SAM and cytochrome C: ZOOM IN / OUT”
10.12   Anita Dudek: “Structural properties of influenza virus fusion peptide and its interaction with lipid membrane”
17.12   Nirmalya Mukherjee
07.01   Antonio Marinho
14.01   Marcin Sobieraj
21.01   Jan Ludwiczak
28.01   Adam Stasiulewicz

Online seminars on current topics of interest in applications of Geometry and Topology – SEMINAR GEOTOP-A.