Seminar schedule for the current (winter) semester 2019/2020 (Monday 12:30), room 04.53
07.10.2019 Bartosz Greń „Statistical properties of non-trivial lasso — topology appearing in proteins” (15 min)
14.10.2019 Jan Ludwiczak „Insights into half-of-the-sites reactivity of thymidylate synthase from long-timescale MD simulations” (25 min)
21.10.2019 Silvio Osella „Modelling hybrid interfaces: a multiscale approach” (25 min)
28.10.2019 Katarzyna Młodzikowska-Pieńko „The initiation step of the intramolecular C-H activation of Ru-NHC complexes — part II” (25 min)
11.11.2019 National Independence Day
25.11.2019 Magdalena Jawiczuk „Decomposition of ruthenium metathesis catalysts by acrylonitrile — revisited” (15 min)

06.01.2020 no seminar
13.01.2020 Maciej Sikora „Uniprot Dynamic links and Jackhmmer automatization” (15 min)
20.01.2020 Maciej Jasiński „3D modelling of bacterial chromosomes” (25 min)

End of the semester

Online seminars on current topics of interest in applications of Geometry and Topology – SEMINAR GEOTOP-A.