Our seminar meetings take place (unless otherwise stated) on Mondays at 11:30 am
12.02   Antonio Marinho: “Differential geometry and information theory applied to protein conformational analyses”
19.02   Silvio Osella: “Tuning the charge flow at the graphene/SAM interface”
26.02   Agata Perlińska: “Role of entanglement in proteins”
05.03   Vasilina Zayats: “Alkaline phosphatase-like superfamily of slipknotted proteins”
12.03   Jan Ludwiczak: “PiPred: a computational tool for accurate prediction of π-helices in protein sequences”
19.03   –
26.03   Aleksandra Jarmolińska: “Solving paralog matching problem with DCA”
02.04   –
09.04   Katarzyna Młodzikowska: “Ruthenium metal complexes in olefin methatesis”
16.04   Piotr Setny
23.04   Agata Bernat: “Knotted proteins fusion”
30.04   –
07.05   –
14.05   Wanda Niemyska: “Are there links in chromosomes?”
21.05   Angelika Janaszkiewicz: “Modelling structures of ruthenium complexes”
28.05   Prof. Edward Egelman: “Cryo-EM of Helical Protein and Nucleoprotein Polymers at Near-Atomic Resolution” CeNT seminar (12:00)
04.06   Aleksander Wiński: “DeepCoil – Accurate method for coiled coils prediction”
11.06   Adam Stasiulewicz: “Pursuit of an effective drug design workflow”
18.06   Marcin Sobieraj: “Analiza kontaktów dla układów (bio)molekularnych”
25.06   Rafał Jakubowski: “Membrane slipknotted proteins: what do they hide?”
02.07   Alicja Kowalska: “Cytochrome – graphene interactions”
09.07   Krzysztof Szczepaniak: “Sequence-structure relationship in proteins”

Online seminars on current topics of interest in applications of Geometry and Topology – SEMINAR GEOTOP-A.