Our Seminar meetings take place (unless otherwise stated) on Mondays at 2:45 pm
13.03   Vasilina Zayats: “Combined theoretical and experimental studies of Orai1 channel”
27.03   Mateusz Skłodowski: “Thermodynamic of biopolymers – heat capacity of proteins”
03.04   Jacek Kędzierski: “Protein formation with analysis of saTRM10 structure and function”
10.04   Paweł Dąbrowski: “Macrolink! Are you there?”
17.04   Easter holiday
24.04   Marta Wiśniewska: “Functionally important water molecules in protein kinases”
01.05   holiday
08.05   Rafał Jakubowski: “Protein similarity redefined”
22.05   Agata Perlińska: “The role of magnesium in a knotted methyltransferase”
29.05   Aleksandra Gierut: “PyLasso – a PyMOL plugin to identify lassos”
05.06   Aleksandra Jarmolińska: “SPOUT family – the Anniversary Edition”
12.06   Silvio Osella: “Towards an efficient design of biosensors: light harvesting proteins/graphene interfaces”
19.06   no seminar
26.06   Jan Ludwiczak: “Combination of Rosetta and molecular dynamics simulations: new method in protein design and its applications”
03.07   Prof. Garegin A. Papoian: “Structure and Dynamics of Nucleosomes from Atomistic and Coarse-Grained Simulations”
10.07   Agata Bernat: “Protein overexpression: TrmL story”
17.07   no seminar
24.07 Anita Dudek: “Structural properties of influenza virus fusion peptide and its interaction with lipid membrane”
26.07 Dr. Ellinor Haglund: “Uncovering the Molecular Details Behind the Disease-Associated Mutations Identified in Leptin, and the role of the Pierced Lasso Topology”